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Introducing the Bradford Shipley Travel Alliance

We are a group of Bradford residents and organisations who are concerned about the proposed Bradford-Shipley “Route Improvement” Scheme. We hope that you will join us.

The Alliance and this website provide a broad discussion forum with the objective of presenting (and campaigning on) common concerns, to Bradford Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. These authorities are are planning and funding the road scheme.

In its present form the scheme could have a major detrimental impact on the whole area between Bradford and Bingley, although the proposals also have positive aspects.

Using the menu, ‘Add your views’ on our alternative proposals to solve congestion by shifting some car trips to improved public transport, walking and cycling.

The menu also offers our factsheets, on road traffic in the area, and on how road traffic affects health.

A cross section of twenty community, environmental, business and political organisations have joined the Travel Alliance since it was launched early in 2021, to best represent local residents. Organisations affiliated are listed here.

These organisations together with active individuals decide how we operate and what we do. We are not affiliated to any party political organisation. One priority is to seek meetings with Bradford Council’s transport and environmental officers and collaborate with them in making the most of the investment in transport to improve health and address the climate emergency.

To read more about the plan and concerns that have been expressed, browse our blogs, or you may like to read these external sites: Clean Air Bradford’s concerns here (https://cleanairbradford.uk/canal-road-widening), Shipley Labour Party’s comprehensive report on the scheme here (https://www.shipleylabour.org.uk/blog/2020/11/09/bradford-shipley-road-scheme/), and the official documents associated with the scheme here (https://www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/bradfordshipley).

Travel Alliance affiliates agreed the following statement:

Any new road scheme between Bradford and Shipley must result in:

  • Significantly improved air quality and safety in all residential areas affected by the proposed scheme, including for all schools.
  • A response to the climate emergency including reduced carbon emissions, increased investment in public transport, walking and cycling, and less motor traffic overall.
  • We request that no further consultation goes ahead without information that shows how the intended benefits of the scheme will be guaranteed.

You are very welcome to contact us by email: admin@bsta.org.uk.

Our resources include awards from the Lottery ‘Together For Our Planet’ Community Fund, and the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust.

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  1. Very informative everyone. A great start and hope lots of people sign up!

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