Bradford Beck consultation – have your say by 16th January

The Council plans to open a culvert that covers the Bradford Beck alongside Valley Road, between Poplar Road and Briggate, and landscape that part of the greenway between Bradford and Shipley. This was originally part of the Bradford-Shipley Road Scheme but separate funding has been found for it.

You can see the plan, and please comment on it up to 16th January via the survey at

There is very little change from the current pathway and grass, but among the general welcome for tidying up the area and enjoying the Bradford Beck, there have been some comments you might wish to consider.

  • Include a cycle track separate from walkers.
  • Put in lighting for walkers and cyclists so the greenway is usable after dark including for commuting in winter.
  • Include a bridge or two for residents on Valley Road.
  • Dual carriageway on Valley Road will be to the detriment of this scheme.

One thought to “Bradford Beck consultation – have your say by 16th January”

  1. Good morning,

    I understand that this may not reach you as it’s past the deadline for submitting but I think the regeneration of the Bradford beck is a great idea. This city needs something like this to create a natural environment to attract wildlife and make it somewhere people can escape and have that countryside feel without leaving the city. A great spend of public money. Much better than the Manningham Lane regeneration project. Hopefully the people who will be interested in visiting here will take care of it and also the wildlife will have a haven to live. Fantastic.

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