No more traffic, let us breathe

2024 is the year when Bradford Council reveals its revised traffic plans between Bradford and Shipley, through Bolton Woods, Manningham and Frizinghall.

The Travel Alliance will be ready to respond with the principles that you have supported:

  • No extra traffic overall: this is essential for our health, our safety, and to treat the climate crisis seriously. An increase in traffic will affect all of the area between Bradford and Shipley, will worsen the bottleneck of Shipley itself, and beyond along the Aire Valley.
  • Reduced pollution near every school affected by the road system between Bradford and Shipley. Children and older people’s health is affected most by the invisible pollution from motor traffic.

We had hoped to be involved in the plan, so that we could represent your ideas on reducing traffic levels with the planners, but the Council prefers to wait until it publishes a finished proposal. That will be later this year, with a short consultation period.

We will let you know as soon as the proposal is published, if you sign up for our occasional newsletter on this web page. Share this post to anyone else you think will want to know too. Ask them to email so that we can keep in touch with them, or sign up here too.

Meanwhile we will continue speaking to people in all the areas affected.  We will do our best to ensure that health centres, community organisations and all residents know the dangers of more traffic.

Carbon emissions from transport are more than we thought, says government.

A technical annex to the government’s assessment of carbon emissions trebles the impact of Electric vehicles and increases the amount of traffic expected. The report comments “This increases the need for government policy to achieve our Carbon Budgets”.

It could have put this more plainly with words like these: Our road expansion plans, and our lack of attention to public transport, are critically upsetting our chances of survival.

Would you like less traffic? Shipley Great Big Green Week 10-18 June

Shipley Town Council has organised a week of walks, bike maintenance and cycling classes, family activities, talks and action. The QR code and this link have the full programme.

 On Saturday 17th from 11am to 3pm stalls in Shipley market place will include the Travel Alliance, where we’ll talk to all-comers about climate action and health, starting with the question ‘Would you like less traffic on the roads?’. Join us to help, or to tell us your concerns.