Mayoral candidates ask for input to their manifestos

Express your views to candidates hoping to be elected as the new West Yorkshire Mayor on May 6th.  They will want your vote! The Mayor will have control over transport and environmental policy, managing what is now the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. Tell them you want to support transport which is consistent with the urgency of the climate crisis.

Bob Buxton stands for The Yorkshire Party, Facebook here.

Andrew Cooper stands for the Green Party, Blogs here.

Stewart Golton stands for the Liberal Democrats. Facebook here.

Tracy Brabin (Labour’s candidate) has specifically asked for your input here:, including on the environment and transport.

Matthew Robinson stands for the Conservative Party. Twitter here.

Other candidates may be available but have not been declared yet.

West Yorkshire climate campaigning groups are collaborating to put pressure on every candidate to strengthen their commitment to ensuring that the West Yorkshire Combined Authority treats the climate emergency seriously. It aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2038 with significant progress by 2030, but its implementation of the major changes needed is exceedingly hard to see so far.

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