We are meeting

BSTA has begun to meet physically and all readers of the newsletter are very welcome at out next meetings on Wednesday November 3rd, and Thursday December 2nd, both at 7pm in the Tambourine café at the top of Saltaire, 38 Bingley Rd, Shipley BD18 4RU.

We have a constitution and a committee: Anna Watson (Chair), Jenny Stein (Treasurer), Ludi Simpson (Secretary), Tony Plumbe, Gordon Roscoe, Bryan Groom. We are applying for grants to help increase the impact of our actions. We are working with Shipley Town Council on a major event in the new year to highlight the gains in air quality and lowered pollution to be gained from a review of transport plans. We continue to speak to businesses, residents and schools.

We are looking to bring much greater public understanding, and to influence the politicians who make decisions, not just in Shipley but along the Aire Valley route of the road, and across Bradford and West Yorkshire Councillors.

BSTA ways of working – proposal for comment by 21 March 2021

Bradford-Shipley Travel Alliance (BSTA) is made up of (a) organisations joining it, which each have a member who passes news between the organisation’s members and BSTA, and (b) individuals who have signed up for the BSTA newsletter, for example on the website.

BSTA will work by consensus, based on its founding statement:

Any new road scheme between Bradford and Shipley must result in:

  • Significantly improved air quality and safety in all residential areas affected by the proposed scheme, including for all schools.
  • A response to the climate emergency including reduced carbon emissions, increased investment in public transport, walking and cycling, and less motor traffic overall.

We request that no further consultation goes ahead without information that shows how the intended benefits of the scheme will be guaranteed.

Actions within the founding statement can be made in the name of the Alliance by its organising team. That team currently is in practice Ludi Simpson, Dave Robison and Kath Jackson. The team will be added to by anyone who wishes to volunteer from member organisations or individuals who have signed up to the Alliance.

Actions that go beyond the founding statement will be necessary to respond to the progress of the road scheme. Proposals for such actions will be made by the organising team, and circulated to member organisations with a deadline for comment, usually at least a week but this may depend on the nature of the proposal. Lack of comment will be taken as approval. Any proposed changes to a proposal will be negotiated by the organising team.

Please comment below, or by email to admin@bsta.org.uk. Thank you!


BSTA is not an organisation with a constitution and elected officers. It would need to be constituted in this way if it were to handle money, apply for funding and so on, though it could also do these things at the moment by relying on the facilities of any one of its members.

At 4th March 2021 there were 13 organisations in the Alliance as listed below, and 22 other individuals signed up to the newsletter.

Shipley Veg on the Edge, Friends of the Earth Baildon & Shipley, Clean Air Bradford, St Paul’s Church, Shipley and Saltaire Living Streets, Saltaire Women’s Institute, Norwood Neighbourhood Association, XR Shipley & Bradford, Shipley Town Council, Shipley Ward and Shipley Constituency Labour Party, Green Party Shipley, Keighley and Shipley Liberal Democrats. All three Shipley councillors to Bradford District Council (Vick Jenkins, Martin Love and Kevin Warnes) support the Alliance.