BSTA in the headlines – consultation before development, not afterwards

In April, government Transport Minister Grant Shapps wrote to the West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin, on government funding for road schemes. He stated that: “Schemes should promote the use of active travel and public transport; not lead to overall increases in car use or car modal share; tackle traffic congestion; and improve air quality.”

BSTA has asked Bradford’s political leaders of all parties to give a clear pledge that the Canal Road scheme will not go ahead unless it delivers the positive changes demanded by the transport minister and backed up by many UK and international climate reports.

The T&A reports BSTA’s demand that consultation is needed on alternatives before current proposals are developed. In the Council’s response, they promise only consultation after the proposals have been developed. That is not good enough.

The Big Consultation: a big success

Our consultation on alternatives to ‘Shipley choked with traffic’ has given a great boost to solutions that make healthy ways of travel easier.

Held all day on 5th March 2022 at Shipley’s Kirkgate Community Centre, more than two hundred people came to cast their votes and make their comments on the Bradford-Shipley Travel Alliance (BSTA) proposals.

A full report gives the results of the consultation and more pictures. We will be giving voice to the views in coming weeks.

Thanks to all who took part and those who volunteered their time and energy to make the event such a success. It was jointly organised with Shipley Town Council.

Your views on alternative transport schemes

We want to know what you think about our proposals to make travelling easier without increasing traffic.

Use the ‘Your views’ menu to see our proposals, give your comments, and score each proposal on a scale from ‘Definitely yes’ to ‘Not a good idea’.

Our proposals are divided into several groups. Comment on and score as many as you can.

If you have somethng else to say, Click on ‘Leave a comment’ under the title of this post.

Following three meetings to discuss ‘How would you spend £48m if not on widening roads?’, BSTA has sent details of alternatives to Bradford Council, for them to consider in what we understand to be an imminent reappraisal of the scheme.

It is relatively cheap to put in a clean air zone as planned next year for commercial vehicles in the Aire Valley to Shipley which is Bradford’s worst-hit pollution sink. Why not extend it to all cars, and give the grants that allow families to convert to cleaner engines? Why not do it hand-in-hand with all the measures that help people to avoid using cars for shorter trips: co-ordinated cycle routes with priority and places to keep bikes safe. Safe and well-maintained routes to walk to schools and shops.

Through-traffic of heavy lorries contributes a lot of Bradford’s pollution. Weight restrictions would keep heavy loads on the M62 instead of cutting through Bradford to get to the North West. At the same time, a rail freight terminal in the Shipley area could link up with ‘last mile’ van delivery of parcels and shopping.

Park and ride schemes are well-tried and would suit the Aire Valley with rapid bus and train routes into Bradford. They would work well with deterring long-stay parking in the city. It would make such a difference if West Yorkshire buses were much cheaper.

The full list of our alternatives in a single document is here. Please use the drop down menu ‘Your Views’ to comment on our proposals.

Shipley choked on traffic event: your day out

Enjoy free community stalls, craft activities with Sponge Tree, refreshments, and tell us what you think of our ideas for less traffic, beating pollution, and a Shipley that’s easy to get to and easy to get around. Families welcome. All the action takes place at Shipley Kirkgate Centre, Saturday 5th March, 10am-4pm.

Come any time during the day, or register now for these timed sessions:

10.15: Plans for bigger roads, and alternatives
11.00: Traffic, climate, health: Bradford Council’s vision
12.00: Clarifying the Clean Air Zone
12.00: What makes a successful local transport campaign?
13.00: How does air pollution affect our health
13.15: Plans for bigger roads, and alternatives (repeat)
14.00: Much better buses
15.00: What is climate change?
15.00: How does air pollution affect our health (repeat)This is a joint event with Shipley Town Council.

The day aims to be a great time out, to help you learn more, and to get your views of our proposals for better travel. Our alternative proposals to the current plans to spend £48m on widening Canal/Valley roads coming into Shipley from Bradford are here. You can leave comments on our alternatives at any time by using the ‘Add your views’ menu on this website.

Monthly BSTA meetings and a Public Consultation event

The next two BSTA meetings are this Wednesday 5th January 7pm on Zoom, and Thursday 10th February 7pm at the Tambourine Café at 38 Bingley Road, Shipley BD18 4RU. At these meetings we will plan our next steps, all are welcome.

Saturday 5th March 2022: a Public Consultation on the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s road development plans for Bradford and Shipley, hosted jointly by BSTA and Shipley Town Council.  Kirkgate Centre, Shipley – a unique opportunity for Bradford and Shipley residents to listen to and question key stakeholders in the current plans and have an impact on how this important development turns out.