Get involved / Meet the author of Computer says Road

We are here to make sure that the investment to increase road traffic along Canal Road between Bradford and Shipley is used instead for healthier ways of travelling. This is the way to better health, and to global cooling. Come and join us at the next BSTA meeting:

Wednesday 21st September, 7pm, Tambourine Café, Bingley Road, Shipley BD18 4RU.

And here is advance notice for our public meeting:

Road Traffic Forecasts, by David Milner author of ‘Computer says road’

Wednesday 12th October, 7pm, Kirkgate Centre, Shipley BD18 3EH

David Milner argues that traffic forecasts are unreliable and build in a bias that encourages road expansion. He says residents and communities can control how cities should look and feel.  This meeting will incorporate a short AGM where we will receive a report of work and elect the Travel Alliance committee.

Our concerns about increased traffic in Bradford, and our health factsheet, had good publicity in the Telegraph and Argus on 11th August, with a follow-up becoming the lead letter on 16th August.

Will you go to Transport Action Network‘s conference, and BSTA’s July meeting?

Transport Action Network has helped us and other road campaigns, and has its national conference in Birmingham on September 10th. Meet other transport campaigners and hear how some local authorities including the Welsh Government are reviewing their transport plans to reduce carbon. Do you want to go? BSTA may be able to help with costs if you will give a report. Let us know, and book here:

Bradford-Shipley Travel Alliance next meets at 7pm on Tuesday July 19th. Come and meet others involved and work together to beat the menace of more traffic and climate change. The venue is as usual Tambourine café (thanks Tom for coffee and small bites). Please put this in your diary and come if you can.

BSTA meeting 12th May – join us

All are welcome at our monthly planning and action meetings, held at Tambourine Café on Bingley Road. The next is on Thursday 12th May at 7pm.

At this meeting we’ll be planning consultation and campaigning in Frizinghall and Manningham, and low income areas of Shipley.

The meeting after that is Wednesday 15th June at 7pm.

Lend a hand in our publicity and actions

We are turning our attention to new priorities for the coming weeks, and will welcome your involvement. Please join us at the Tambourine café on Gordon Terrace (BD18 4RU) at 7pm Wed 16th March.

Our priorities are:

  • Campaign for a consultation on a new Outline Business Case for the Bradford-Shipley Scheme. Contact the councillors along the route and on West Yorkshire committees to press the case for new consultation.
  • Set in motion our project to increase our reach to Frizinghall and Manningham, and to low-income groups in Shipley. We will talk to key people and organisations, in preparation for summer door-knocking and autumn events.
  • Press and publicity engagement. Make more of an online splash, engage the press with our proposals, and produce further factsheets including on health.

If you cannot make it to this meeting let us know you want to lend a hand by emailing Ludi at

What would you spend £48m on, if not more car traffic? Open meeting on 7th September

Are you concerned about children’s health and traffic pollution? Take global warming seriously? Want fewer cars on the roads, not more? What would you spend £48m on?

West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Bradford Council want to spend £48m on widening Valley Road, pumping more traffic into Shipley and beyond, and surely attracting more through-traffic and more rat-running.

Bradford-Shipley Travel Alliance is going public on Tuesday 7th September, meeting in the Shipley Kirkgate Centre BD18 3EH at 7.30pm. We’ll review the merits of alternative proposals for what the money could be spent on, and what actions to take to make healthier travel happen between Bradford and Shipley.

You will be very welcome. There will be an online link for those who can’t make it in person: email for an invitation (we can’t guarantee the quality of the link though we will do our best).