BSTA in the headlines – consultation before development, not afterwards

In April, government Transport Minister Grant Shapps wrote to the West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin, on government funding for road schemes. He stated that: “Schemes should promote the use of active travel and public transport; not lead to overall increases in car use or car modal share; tackle traffic congestion; and improve air quality.”

BSTA has asked Bradford’s political leaders of all parties to give a clear pledge that the Canal Road scheme will not go ahead unless it delivers the positive changes demanded by the transport minister and backed up by many UK and international climate reports.

The T&A reports BSTA’s demand that consultation is needed on alternatives before current proposals are developed. In the Council’s response, they promise only consultation after the proposals have been developed. That is not good enough.

Government Transport Decarbonisation Plan

Press release 15th July 2021, from Bradford-Shipley Travel Alliance

The government’s plan to make transport climate-friendly has been described by a Bradford transport campaign as “too little too slow”.

“The Transport Decarbonisation Plan will do nothing to reduce congestion nor provide health benefits as particulates emissions will not be reduced, indeed are likely to increase. It doesn’t address the need to reduce car traffic,” said Ludi Simpson from the Bradford-Shipley Travel Alliance.

Published on Wednesday, the government plan aims to cut in half the transport carbon emissions from all transport by 2035. It says that local authorities will have to make carbon reductions a fundamental part of local transport planning.

Ludi Simpson said “The targets won’t save us from the disastrous consequences of further man-made global warming. They are less than demanded by the Climate Change Commission which the government itself set up to advise it.’

The campaign says that local government should be given more support to implement solutions to the climate emergency. It calls for major changes to the traffic scheme that plans to increase motor traffic on Canal and Valley Roads between Bradford and Shipley. It calls for support at

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