The Big Consultation: a big success

Our consultation on alternatives to ‘Shipley choked with traffic’ has given a great boost to solutions that make healthy ways of travel easier.

Held all day on 5th March 2022 at Shipley’s Kirkgate Community Centre, more than two hundred people came to cast their votes and make their comments on the Bradford-Shipley Travel Alliance (BSTA) proposals.

A full report gives the results of the consultation and more pictures. We will be giving voice to the views in coming weeks.

Thanks to all who took part and those who volunteered their time and energy to make the event such a success. It was jointly organised with Shipley Town Council.

Major local conference on health, climate and transport

Shipley Town Council and BSTA are to organise a conference on health, climate and transport. Scheduled for Spring next year, we will invite Council and Transport planners, residents and community activists.

Shipley Town Council held the first of their Community Assemblies on climate on 13th November. Over 60 people filled the Kirkgate Centre with discussion about the strengths of Shipley and how it could be even better. Reduced traffic pollution was noticeably on most people’s list for improvement.