Celebrate with us!

Now that the plans to widen Canal and Valley Road have been scrapped, celebrate with us on December 1st  with a report on our consultation in Frizinghall from Street Space, and help us with our next steps.

Can you help us with our new priorities?

  1. Continue to build support in Frizinghall and Manningham for walking and cycling, with health as the main focus.
  2. Promote our alternatives to always using the car, including mass transit between Bradford and Keighley, and a workplace parking levy in Bradford centre.
  3. Continue to build a relationship with key Council officers, as they develop their ideas for a revised Bradford-Shipley road scheme focused on walking, cycling and bus travel.

We have plenty of ideas about how together we can make an impact for the benefit of all.  

Phillipa and Amal from Street Space will be drawing lessons from their work for the Travel Alliance in Frizinghall. The Street Space report is available to read before the meeting. They talked to residents and community organisers over the summer about the barriers to walking, cycling and bussing.

The meeting is at Tambourine Café, 7pm on Thursday 1st December. Refreshments provided. All welcome.

Frizinghall, Manningham and Owlet

Over the summer Street Space and BSTA have been talking to people who live or work between Shipley and Bradford. We understand the value people put on the convenience of cars for short trips, and at the same time their support for healthier and safer streets. Very few people had heard about the proposed widening of Canal Road and likely impact on rat running to avoid the bottlenecks.

We are planning open meetings to draw on the ideas people have, to raise awareness of the impact of road traffic on health and climate, and to press for alternative transport investment. Watch this space.

BSTA consultation in Manningham, Frizinghall and Owlet

We are pleased that community researchers Street Space have been consulting residents in Owlet and Frizinghall on behalf of BSTA.  At the same time BSTA members knocked on every door in Southfield Square to start building membership in Manningham. We are growing support for our aims amongst communities along the full length of Canal/Valley Road.

Street Space has been uncovering the barriers to people getting around on foot, bicycle and public transport.  Unlit and litter-strewn paths, too much traffic, and the ease of car travel are high up the list of residents feedback. BSTA is planning public events for the Autumn and look forward to Street Space’s final report providing important evidence in support of alternatives to the current road scheme.