The Clean Air Zone is up and running

It sounds as if an area of Bradford has received an award for its clean air! In fact the whole of Bradford within the outer ring-road, plus the valley up to and including all of Shipley, has been selected because of its dirty air. Commercial vehicles will need to have engines that don’t emit so much harmful exhaust, or pay a charge that will go towards further measures to get dirt out of the atmosphere. The Clean Air Zone is required by national government and implemented by Bradford Council.

Bad health due to traffic emissions has been estimated to cost the health services more than half what is collected from Council Tax every year. Over one third of asthma among Bradford’s children is due to traffic fumes.

So Bradford-Shipley Travel Alliance welcomes the Clean Air Zone. It is a crucial first step in tackling air pollution in the city. We would like it to go further, to achieve not just legal air quality but healthy air quality.

That’s what we said in our press release to mark the occasion.

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