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Any new road scheme between Bradford and Shipley must result in:

  • Significantly improved air quality and safety in all residential areas affected by the proposed scheme, including for all schools.
  • A response to the climate emergency including reduced carbon emissions, increased investment in public transport, walking and cycling, and less motor traffic overall.

We request that no further consultation goes ahead without information that shows how the intended benefits of the scheme will be guaranteed.

2 thoughts to “Welcome”

  1. I would like to say that the road your gonna build or to widen the roads to make way for a dual carriage way, on valley road and canal road is unacceptable, what happened to the old idea in build a dual carriage way above our heads like the ones in BIRMINGHAM, now this would be more appropriate as this is safer than the main road yes it is above our heads and the congestion would not be overwhelmed, i propose that you look into it and start your drawing starting from wakefield road to bingley and see if this is better, I would like better a answer from you, I work on a building site and I am always looking for a safer option, what you doing is not gonna make safer for all.

  2. We live on Otley Road near the branch opposite Shipley first school, this finding a way through Shipley has been going on for over 50 years and still they have no idea, over the last 10 years I believe the volume of HGV alone have at least trebled there is well over a thousand a day pass our house 24/7 and closing Manningham to HGVs will only increase that number also putting an extra lane and increasing the speed limit on Canal Road will increase the volume of HGVs the problem is when it gets to Shipley, where does it go ? Nowhere, Gorden terrace has 2 lanes towards Bingley or towards Bradford consequently tailback to Valley Road, we are getting that now, we on Otley Road see it daily but nobody seems interested, I think a reduction in HGVs would help reduce the problem but not solve it, it needs someone to come with a plan rather than the hair brained schemes Bradford council come up with like knock the branch down and let’s have a weed garden, 50 years ago on earlier plans there was going to be a flyover from Charlestown to the branch, the branch pub would stay because it was a listed building and it would be on an island and you would access it via a subway, funny but true, about 40 years ago they had to close Shipley First School to thoroughly clean to get rid of traffic pollution what could it be like now, and as for traffic related illnesses ask the local doctors they will tell you they have risen. The quicker they get traffic out of Bradford is good for Bradford but certainly NOT for Shipley that is where it will stop as it does now
    A not Happy Barry Warren

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