Why the silence on the road plans?

A reminder of the current situation with the Bradford-Shipley road scheme:

  • Bradford Council are working up revised options for the scheme that will be put out to public consultation in ‘early 2023’.
  • We have challenged Bradford Council to consult now on the revised option as an outline, before they do detailed planning work.
  • Despite writing to request this back in April we haven’t heard back from them. Why the silence?
  • At this stage we simply don’t know what the changes to the plans will be.

We will continue to push for early consultation to any changes to the scheme so that the public can have input into the plans as they are developed. If you use social media, please like our Facebook page and share the recent post there about the need for consultation now, before detailed work is done on new options for the scheme. If you could help us more regularly with social media (not a lot) please let us know.

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