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The plan is for this Alliance to be a broad discussion forum with the objective of presenting (and campaigning on) common concerns, to Bradford Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority that are planning and funding a major road scheme which will affect Manningham, Bolton Woods, Shipley, Sataire, Bingley and other areas on the route.

In its present form the Scheme could have a major detrimental impact on the whole area between Bradford and Bingley, although the proposals also have positive aspects.

We anticipate that a cross section of community, business and political representatives will join the  Alliance to best represent local residents.

We intend to launch the Alliance early in 2021 once there are several organisations participating. We are very much an interim working group of individuals until the launch – when all those involved will decide how best to take the work forward. One priority will be to seek meetings with Bradford Council’s transport and environmental officers. We have already had discussions with them, but our concerns have not yet been addressed.

To read more about the plan and concerns that have been expressed, you may like to read Clean Air Bradford’s concerns here (, Shipley Labour Party’s comprehensive report on the scheme here (, and view the documents associated with the scheme here (